Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Modge Podge Day

It started out as any day I have ever lived. I get the husband and the son off to work and then down to the workshop to paint something. Today I decided to get the Modge Podge out and work on this wooden mirror I found at a sale.

 I primed it,

and then painted it a delicate pink.  I went over that with a dark brown glaze and then top coated it. 

 I am not sure if you can see the pretty little faux diamonds I glued all around the picture and across the little girls head band. I also added a lace rose I made.

 I found this little case at a sale for a dollar. I brought it home and found all these pictures in my stash I had printed out some time ago.  I just started by laying them out and getting them in the position I liked and then attached them with Modge Podge.  Rain days are always better if you have a bottle of Modge Podge in the house!

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