Sunday, August 12, 2012

Old Barn Box

I quite often have the opportunity to pick up primitives very cheap at the market where I have my booth.  They have auctions every Friday night and I go Saturday morning and have the exclusive privilege of buying the left-overs.  I found this old barn box out in their yard one bright Saturday morning and knew that it needed a lot of work but I just couldn't resist it.  I paid my 5.00 and loaded in the car. (Only after I swept the chicken nest out of the bottom). 
 This is the bottom.....see the holes I had my work cut out for me!
 I ended up replacing the board on top because it was so bad but I used re-claimed lumber to do it.
 I mended the major holes with sheet metal and screws.  I worked on that for at least an hour. Most people would have given up and built a new box, not me I just kept going........
 I had this table that I used to make the legs.  I turned it over and unscrewed the top portion and then bolted the box on to the table for the legs.

 Here is the finished product.  I forgot to take a picture of it at home so sorry about the tag hanging from the front of it, it sold already, yeah old barn box you will be loved for years to come!
 I screwed the license plates to the top because I always wanted to make something using them.

I painted the sides, front, and back in this design.  I don't know what the new owner is going to do with this old box but I hope they give it as much love as I have!

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