Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Old Scale

I had this old rusty worn scale and tried to sell it as it was because I thought it was awesome. But alas no one was interested in it as it was.  My policy is to try to leave things as they are unless no one wants to claim them then I step in and give them a second chance to be loved.

I merely mounted a metal dish to the top of the scale that I painted black so that it would stand out and accent the rusty goodness of the scale. I was perfectly happy with the rust and I thought that the bowl would give it a utilitarian purpose and would be a super decorator piece.

You can see that I found many uses for the rusty old scale and am so pleased that it now has a purpose!


  1. So funny how we might love something and think itsgreat but others just don't! Love it both ways

    1. Thank you so much! I love anything old rusty and worn out....maybe its my age! LOL