Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gathering Table

I love nothing better than hunting around a garage full of junk. One day I was doing just that and found a wire basket probably from a freezer or refrigerator mounted on a piece of plywood.  I was inspired by the simple fact that it was mounted to plywood, it got the wheels in my head spinning with possibilities (I am literally dizzy now just thinking about it).  I promptly loaded up the basket in my car and continued my walk through the garden of junk or Eden in my case, junk makes my heart race.  I saw in  the corner buried underneath a myriad of broken chairs a changing table that was falling apart. A match made in heaven -in my overactive imagination anyways.

I took both of my new found treasures home and let the fun begin.  I mounted old doors to the top and the bottom, remember in my last post I stated up front ....never enough doors.....I am not in denial!

I painted the whole piece white and stanined it with some Min Wax and there you have it another discarded item given a second chance to please from the mind of a simple country girl!


  1. I can relate to your love of heart rate increases when I see trash on the side of the road! This turned out lovely! Recycling at it's finest!

    1. I agree.....and it is cheaper than a therapist!