Saturday, January 28, 2012

Subway Art Trunk

Two weeks ago I found myself sorting through my stash and I came across another hopeless piece that was in such bad shape most people would have tossed in the dumpster, I  say bring it on!  This very old wooden box was so dilapidated, the top was in pieces the hinges were pulled out, and it filthy. Some people think when they hear the phrase make over of a new hair do or shade of eye shadow I on the other hand see junky worn out furniture that needs love. I am so co-dependent when it comes to furniture.  I don't know if it is a gift or a obsession either way I am good with it. 

When it came to this box I had to replace some the of the wood that was missing and the hinges too. I left the old hinges on for ornamental purposes.  Then I gave it a thorough cleaning and a coat of bonding primer my new BFF. 

I like the "Subway Art" that is all the rage so I decided to use that as my design.  I envisioned several shades of blue with gray and white as my complimenting colors. 

I painted the inside Army Green with an over wash of Dark Gray.  I also added the legs to give it dimension and top coated it with the Min Wax water based Poly Coat.

I painted 2 handles Aluminum Gray and mounted those to make it easy to move the piece from place to place.  I also installed 2 eye screw and a chain so the lid would fall back every time it was opened.  When repurposing old wood stuff it is always a good idea to add things like handles and chain catches because the wood may be fragile and your project ruined if not given a little TLC. Prevention saves a lot of heart ache later.  Well, another one saved and tonight I sleep well. Until we meet again, blessing to you and yours!

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  1. LOVE It!!
    I'm always looking for great ideas that I can switch out and make my own...good job!!