Saturday, January 14, 2012

Magic Carpet Table

Last Friday while stopped at a traffic light I looked over to my right and what did I see but a great little table sitting out in front of a resale shop.  I quickly parallel parked my rig and jumped out to investigate my discovery. (My husband is amazed at my parallel parking skills.  I attribute them to my many years of squeezing into many tight places while hunting down cool stuff.)  Oh joy oh delight that's all my brain would register.  I scooped up my prize and took it to the clerk gave her my 3.00 that's right 3.00 and tucked it safely in the back of my SUV.  Thank you Lord for my versatile vehicle that allows me to transport such treasures.

I was really loving the fact that there was this green magic carpet looking stuff on the top. I figure it probably was a plant table on some one's porch that was whittled out of scraps from the garage.  I loved the metal stabilizers on all four sides they are what gave this piece the character that I always look for.  After I got it home I removed the carpet layer.  I know that this table is made from plywood but  who cares I planned on painting it anyway. Plywood beats the press board that most of our fast furniture is made from today and anyways and it much sturdier too.
I thought painting this would be a breeze because I figured  I could take the metal side bars off but no luck there, the screws had been glued in and I was not going to take the chance of splitting the wood.  I painstakingly painted my Dove Gray paint on the bottom portion.  I usually use the skip method on pieces like this anyways so the paint is real sparse on the brush and doesn't drip and land where you don't want it to.  Next I found a door panel that I had and painted it gloss black.  I attached it to the top with a bit of wood glue and finish nails to complete my piece. I then scuffed up the edges with sand paper and painted some water based poly coat on the entire piece.

 I like the combination of the gray, black, and rusty metal.  It gives it a bit of the Industrial Chic look.  Today I am taking this table  to the shop and who knows maybe I will find another orphaned piece on the way side to bring home.  It could happen!


  1. What a charming $3.00 find...sounds like you are really good at parking:)


  2. I am great at parking but even better at wiping a car around to get to a garage sale I just sailed by. My husband doesn't even know of my great skills and it is best kept that way! LOL

  3. Great find and really nice update.

    Beth @ Hungry Happenings