Saturday, January 14, 2012

Small Step-back Cabinet

As usual I kept very busy this week painting new things for the booth I rent at the Peddler's Market in Greenville.  Last week a couple came from Saginaw and bought every piece of furniture I had in the store. It was wonderful to think that I made money that day but more thrilling was the fact that someone really gets what I do.  It was a great day but I really had to kick it into high gear to get some things done to fill up my space at the store. 

I began with plans for several pieces and this is the first one that I started on.  I bought a really cool cabinet with 3 drawers.  It appears to have 9 drawers but really only has 3.  It had a lot of charm and I knew that it would be really great painted but still needed something more to interesting.  I had a supply of small tables and decided to attach the cabinet to one of them giving it the appearance of a small step back. 

I applied a coat of bonding primer to the entire piece and then painted it with a gloss black.  After the cabinet dried I stenciled the numbers on to each of the 9 faux drawers to give it an apothecary look.   It is a nice light weight piece that would be great to store anything.  What a great start to the week and there is more to come!