Monday, March 19, 2012


Another project from the $5.00 room and I almost had to say it got the best of me.  The front of this table was missing the two drawers and the top was heavy marble that was very worn and dirty.  The marble top made this little table so heavy it almost toppled over every time I moved it.  The thing that made me know I couldn't give on this table was the sticker on the side. Even though I would eventually peel off yet it prodded me on and told me that this table still could be rescued. I rarely give up on a cast away project and it seem unthinkable that this table would be the first.

The Million Dollar Man sticker for some reason gave me the courage to keep going and before you know it I had a plan.  I removed the back panel and took off the heavy marble top and put the back piece back on.  Propped against my work table was an old door I tried to use on another project that didn't work. it was a perfect fit for my table dilemma. I attached it to the top and then started to think about the missing drawers.  Ispied a metal tray sitting in a box on the floor that was just the right size to take the place of one of the drawers.   I searched through my collection of miscellaneous boxes and found one that was close enough to work for the second drawer.  All I had to do was nail a drawer stop in the back it would work.  Next I primed and painted the whole thing and stenciled a message on the top. 

I know that if you keep on dreaming and believing you can get even the hardest job done.  Dream and Believe are such beautiful words!


  1. It is just the coolest feeling when a piece that everyone else thinks to be trash can be given a second life...Don't you agree? I love it. Great job. Wishing you a wonderful day.

    Hugs and Kisses,

    1. Thank you so much Ana. I agree it is a wonderful feeling! Hope you are having a blessed day!