Thursday, March 22, 2012

Graphics Galore

I so love vintage graphics and ephemera.  The Graphics Fairy is one of my favorite places to visit.  If you sign up for their emails you get new graphics every day. The one I used for the metal box below however is not from them this one is from Pinterest if you visit me there you can snag if for yourself.  The other projects do use clip art from The Graphics Fairy so you can get those as well. 

 I found this metal box with a glass lid in my stash of wonderful treasures.  I had it for a long time and was waiting for just the right picture to place under that special glass.  I love the look on the little girl's face. She is precious.  The picture isn't very good I am still learning to use my camera, the glass is beveled and it really doesn't have any imperfections as the photos may present. 

This box is a copper colored metal with green velvet lining.  Once again I rummaged through my favorite saved graphics and made a collage of these to make up the top design all from The Graphics Fairy.

 This is a free vase I got at a tag sale last year.  It has sat under my work bench for over a year now.  It was free okay I didn't need it but it was free for heaven's sake I couldn't walk just couldn't.
 After much thought about "waste not want" not I came up with this design. I spray painted it first with a gray primer and then painted it with the blue.  The gray paint does show through in places so it does look worn.

 I found this wonderful bird picture on The Graphics Fairy and printed it out 2 weeks ago to use on a dresser I was working on. Well the bird didn't seem to work out for the dresser so it was just sitting there next to the painted vase...hmmmmm.....I wondered could it be, would it work?  Aha it did work I plastered that little birdie on with some home made Modge Podge (recipe also found on Pinterest on one of my boards) and there you have it, my free vase has finally become an object of my affections.

This week just seemed to be the week to work on small projects. I had this reproduction fishing creel for some time and decided this was the week to get it painted too. As you can see I choose a white paint and filled it with silk red roses.  I thought it needed just a little something to make it extra special so I found a tag shaped wood piece and decoupaged an old post card graphic (once again from TGF) on it.  I don't really want to sell this but duty calls or should I say my bills....anyways I love it . Old post cards art is so cool, maybe next week I do something more with them. 


  1. I just came across your blog - from Pinterest, I think! I first noticed your header - it's the same one I use, and I love how you have a scripture verse across it! And then I looked at your creations in your post - and they are super! And then I just noticed you're from Michigan- I live in Midland - Wow! Anywhooo - nice to meet you.

    1. Hi Tricia,
      Just checked out your blog! Wow you are very talented! I am from Cedar Springs, MI and am enjoying this wonderful spring weather we are having, hit some garage sales today! Yea. I have been to Midland a couple of times when I was treasure hunting it is a very nice place to visit!