Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bird Feeder

I love the postings on Pinterest that say, "Today I will make something I saw on Pinterest."  I am always making something to take to the shopand for the record, I was repuposing before repurposing was cool...Pinterest just connects us all together as one big happy family. And by the way feel free to pin anything I post on my blog -that is why I do it so other people will be as happy as I am...share the love I always say.  I hardly ever make the same thing twice anyways so I am good with pinning just so you know.

I saw an idea on the Big Pin the other day and decided that I had to make one too. You take a vintage enamel bowl and put it on a wood pedastal candle base and make it into a bird feeder.  I had plenty of bowls to pick from but I wanted to use a fancier base.  I found this metal candle holder at the neighborhood thrift store and decided that it was perfect! I cut off the little metal nib that sticks up to hold the candle with some metal cutters and then spray painted it from black to fabulous.  I painted the rusty old knicked up pan because in its original state it was too messed up to use as it was.  I stenciled a Fluer de Lis on the inside and coated the entire thing several times with Krylon Spray top coat.  I glued the top to the bottom with E-6000 and let it dry overnight.  I gave it the once over and it seems to be holding well, E-6000 is great glue.

Well my Creative family hugs and blessings to you all, hope you make something real pretty today!

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