Sunday, April 1, 2012

Coat Rack Rebirth

Here is  a wood piece I picked up from the flea market all gussied up and painted. It wasn't painted when I bought it and I really don't know what kind of furniture it was originally attached to.  It is very heavy maybe it was part of a head board or buffet, not sure.  I played around for over a year whether to paint or not to paint and decided it was mine and all that mattered that I was satisfied enough that in the end it would be shop worthy.
I gave it a coat of white and then let the fun begin. I had two house numbers that I tacked on first to get the ball rolling.  Next I found five coat hooks all different colors and spray painted them all to match.  If you look closely you can see that they are not all the same size but to me that is what gives it character so I was happy.  I also painted a bird that I had in the stash to match the hooks and tacked that on the front.   I printed out some graphics from The Graphics Fairy and then ran them through the printer again with "Paris Market" run over the top of the first printing.  I Modge Podged that onto the two oval sections and then attached tow D-rings to the back for hanging purposes.  I like the way it all came together, it only took me two years to get a plan together, ahhh worth the wait!

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