Sunday, April 22, 2012


Here is are two random shots of my work area covered in all kinds of things I worked on this last week.  There is a tin ceiling tile, an old calendar frame, in the back a hinged set of shutters, and a table I already primed white along with other good stuff.  I try to take pictures of everything I am working on but sometimes I get so excited about the project that I forget and remember after I have primed the item. I do my best.

Below are the finished projects that are all nicely tucked away in my booth at the Peddler's Market.

This picture is made from two vintage butterflies, the double paneled ceiling tile, and the abandoned calendar frame. It took three things that I didn't have a use for and made a nice wall piece.

 This is a table I bought at a thrift store, it needed some repair but overall was in very good condition. I decided to keep most of this weeks painted goods in the same theme color because most people are looking for things to decorate a room and need several items. 

This is the hinged shutters and table that I connected together and painted.  I have made several of these types of shelves and they sell very well because they fit into nookd and crannies and hold collectibles or books without taking up a large space.

This is how the stained shelf came out. I added a back piece to it and painted that white.  I ususally don't buy many shelves to paint but this one was made so well and I had the bead board. It always starts with me that I have something I want to use and then just what I need stumbles on my path. 

I love the paper/kleenex holders that everyone had in the 90's.  They are still very useful but most just need a new paint job, one that doesn't include hears and geese.
 Found this number 4 and had to have it.  I planned to mount is on a found door to use as wall art. Even though the number 4 has no special significance to me, number and letter art is big in the decoration world.

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