Monday, May 25, 2015

Garden Table, Collector's Sign and Shabby Bookshelf

This sign is one I have in the front window of my booth.  I had made one using this saying a while back and thought this would be a great advertisement for incoming traffic at the Antique Store where my things are for sale.  I used an old frame with a piece of thin ply wood inserted to paint the sign on.  It is a big sign and you can't miss it when you walk by the front window.
I made this garden table from 2 door panels several spindles and 2 shutters.  The top piece is a rescued piece of window trim from an old farm house that was taken down.  I painted the panels on the shutters as chalk boards and hand painted the design on the table top. I had some rusty fencing that I used to fill in, in between the shutters.  You can clip notes and pictures to it.  I love to make garden tables and make them I think on the average of every 3 months or so.  I am in the process of finishing one now, so look for it down the road.

This piece is a book shelf I found at a resale shop.  I really liked it because it has the two drawers on the top.  It needed a little fixing but was in relatively good condition when I bought it.  It was a bright red and I wondered how many coats it would take to cover the red, turns out it took only one good base primer and two coats of regular off white. 

I used the Modge Podge method to transfer the designs to the top of the book case and even put crowns on the knobs using that method.  It came out better than I expected and sold right away.

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