Monday, May 25, 2015

More Found Goods Repurposed!

I found this set of kitchen canister drawers and bought them right up. I loved them and don't know why but I have learned long ago that if you see it and love it buy it! So I did.
I took it home and gave it a make over and put it up for sale the next weekend. Needless to say it was snapped up immediately.  I knew it would sell but not as fast as it did. It is so rewarding to find something old and find someone new to love it!

I had a piece of a ladder left over from a previous project and around this house you don't throw anything away you find a new purpose for it and then sell it.
I decided to make a shelf out of it. It seemed like a good idea at the time and it turned out fine, it was just heavy and I didn't know if anyone would buy it.  They did buy it and I wish I could see where they put it.  That's the only thing about consignment shops we dealers never know where the things we sell end up. I love to see and hear what people do with the things I re-purpose.

I went to a local Antique shop that was going out of business to see if there was anything I just had to have.  I had been admiring this rabbit for 3 years but couldn't afford it because it was priced to just look at but not to buy. The day I went in I couldn't believe my good fortune there sat my rabbit on sale at a price I could afford.  I still may have paid too much but to me he is priceless.  I have him on top of my kitchen cupboards and he watches over me when I cook.  I have to say  my success rate in the kitchen has improved since Harvey's arrival.  The smoke alarms don't go off near as much as they used to!

One  winter's day I was parking in the lot of one of my favorite thrift stores and lo and behold there in the snow bank was this fence slat.  I parked and ran to the snow bank and started to dig it out thinking finder's keepers!  I got it out and took it home to dry.  I just knew that it was pointing to Heaven where all good gifts come from.

I bought these 2 camping stools at a yard sale for a buck a piece.  I was really intrigued by the fact that the former owner had made seat covers out of shag carpeting.  I was so tempted to leave them as found but the carpet was gamey and really needed to go.
 I had this piece of upholstery fabric in my stash and decided to use it for the seats.  I painted the wood parts shabby white and there you have it! Two nice camping stools to take glamping!

With the left over fabric I made a pin keep that you can see sitting on the stool on the left and a tote bag with yellow flower on the right.  Actually I got two tote bags from the remnant so I got my money's worth out of that piece of yard goods!



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