Monday, May 25, 2015

What I do to pass the time!

 This is a wood piece I salvaged from a piece of furniture trim.  I mounted a clip that was used to hold band music.  I love vintage photographs so it was a no-brainer what I would use this for.  I painted it shabby grey and stained it as usual. 
 I had this chair back for several years and one day thought hmmmmmm......I need to do something with this cool old piece.  I went to the stash pile and found an old drawer from a sewing machine cabinet and mounted it onto the chair back.  It needed some gluing and nailing but in the end proved to be the perfect match for the chair back.

I liked this piece so much I kept it and hung it in my bathroom.  I found the old red and white runner that I hung from one of the back slats.  
Bought this metal dress form at TJ Max for .75  Painted it grey and transferred the Paris design using the Modge Podge method.  Then I glued a round wood piece to a wood candle stick and teamed them to make this vignette. Add a candle and floral candle ring and this piece is complete. 

I always buy potato bins when I see them.  I have several in my house that I use for storing dog food and potatoes.  This one I painted grey and stenciled the design on it. It sold pretty quickly so I guess other people like the bins as much as I do.

I got one of these clothing racks that you see at garage sales all the time. I think I paid about 2.00 for mine.  I took the top hanger off and the middle piece that was for holding cuff links and tie tacks.  Then I mounted an old cupboard door on it and made this free standing chalkboard out of it. It was a very simple project and sold right away.  They were going to use it for their business writing messages to promote sales.

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