Monday, May 25, 2015

"Life Is Beautiful" Table and more fun stuff!

I bought this table for 2.99 and thought the metal base was pretty cool. It has a Fleur De Lis design on the front.  I spray painted the base and flipped the table top over because the finish was pretty bad.

                        I stenciled the saying on the top and hand painted the keys on either side of it. 

                 Love wood totes, so I snapped this one up and mounted a colonial drawer handle on the front panel.    Easy peasy  and very useful and decorative.
This is another wood tote I painted and decoupaged a perfume label to the front.
Antler Art seems to be popping up everywhere.  I found this set for cheap at a sale and scooped it up.  I shabbied it up and stenciled it.  I went to a flea market today and someone had a whole trunk full of antlers for 5.00 bucks a piece.  People were buying them up like crazy, so I hope mine sells too.

                                  I think this is a good mix of shabby chic and hillbilly heaven!

Along with the deer antler theme I decided to paint this stool with a deer silhouette.  Adding a touch of French typography and there you go something for everyone.

You see shoe forms everywhere for little money.  I had this one and decided that it would make a nice wall decoration.  I added a worn hook so it is nice to look at and useful.
 This sign idea came to me one day. I had purchased a lot of old worn tools and implements at a moving sale one Saturday.  The bottom part is a chalkboard so you can customize your message, if it hung in my garage it would say "Don't touch my tools or else!" lol

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