Monday, May 25, 2015


Had this desk for a very long time.  I knew I wanted to paint it primitive but I needed just the right inspiration.  I went into an antique store one day and there for sale was a desk sorta like this one that I had painted several years ago.  Funny thing is that they were asking more for it than what I originally sold it for.  Made me feel loved.

This is the finished product.  I sold this one the first week I had it in my booth. 
 I wonder where I will see it next!!!

 This is a primitive piece used for holding magazines.  I painted it old red and put a metal barn star on the front.
 I love painting chairs, I have done this design before and just had to paint it again.  I used some fencing for the back of the chair and embellished it with a flag and grapevine wreath.

I found this handmade spool cupboard at a thrift shop. I think it was made in shop class in a nearby High School.  It was very well made and I thought I would give it antique look.

 It sold in two days so I think the update was a success.
This is a CD cupboard I bought and repainted. It originally had an out dated golf theme in the frame that had way too many plastic parts.  I decided to round up some vintage items and place them inside the door frame using ticking as a background.

This is a toilet paper/Kleenex holder that I painted up.  I have one in each of my bathrooms and they are a great way to always have paper on hand!

This piece is made from 3 military trays and a set of vintage desk legs.  I bolted the legs onto the trays and made a great rusty catch all.

I cut some spindles off and had these pieces left ....
I make these almost every fall.  They are super cute and easy.

You can paint any wood piece and make it look prim!
1980's bench made updated to 2015!

I just started with these pieces until I ran out of things to mount on the boards! LOL

Just an old iron plate with some scrabble pieces with magnets.
                                                            Chalk paint is my friend!

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