Monday, May 25, 2015

Union Jack Stuff

Nobody wanted this little smoke cupboard.  The bottom was rotted out as was the veneer.  My Husband replaced the bottom of it for me and I sanded off the peeling veneer.



 The inside was still in tack and probably copper if that is the case maybe worth more than the piece as painted.  It sold immediately so I was happy!

I bought this table at an estate sale. I rarely go to estate sales because I work days.  However I went one cold dreary Friday and had a pretty good time.  I was educated in the ways of some unscrupulous antique dealers which brought extreme sadness to me.  There were several dealers that were so greedy they went through the sale pushing everyone out of their way sticking sticky notes on everything that had their name and sold written on each page.   They were also taking off the sellers legitimate sold stickers and replacing them with their own.  I talked to some of the other dealers and told them there is enough stuff in this world for everyone and it isn't worth it to bulldoze through life to get ahead of everyone else.  I guess people do this all the time and that further convinces me that finding good junk by chance is good enough for me. I will find whatever I need and no more is necessary.  I actually gave some of the things I had in my pile to others that really wanted it more than I did.  It was a blessing to get 2 tables a plant stand, 3 quilts, 4 pictures, several old pair of shoes, and 2 old screens.  I think I may have left a few things out so my point exactly cup runneth over!  This table was only 4.00 and I love it.  I will probably not go to anymore estate sales the first day they are open. Left overs are just fine by me.  I went to a flea market today and had a great time. I got some cool stuff and saw some old acquaintances and even got of bite of my Husband's elephant ear pastry. Good times.

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