Monday, May 25, 2015

Never enough hours in the day to paint!

I paint about on anything that I can find. I always tell my boys don't stand still too long cause you may be next! Not really just funning around.  This watering can was a bright Kelly green when I got it.  I didn't like it much so I set out to make it more to my liking.   I hand painted the key on it and like it a lot better now. 

These two rusty things came from an auction. Actually they didn't sell and were left to the pickers that hover over the sale at the end scooping up anything left behind. I am not above dumpster diving or stopping along the side of the road to pick up discarded goods.  I painted a chalkboard rectangle on the front and put flower pots full of geraniums in them.  This is definitely something you can't find at Hobby Lobby.
Rusty stuff rocks as does this grater.  I mounted a clip to it and it now holds pictures. 

Bird Table.  I love to watch the telephone wire out front of our house collect with birds.  They inspired me to paint this table.  I mixed the blue paint myself and stenciled the birds on the wire.

 Just a decorative wall key I found and painted my special blue.  It was originally gold, I like it much better now.

This is just a cupboard I painted shabby. 

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