Monday, May 25, 2015

Two Painted Tables Painted Two Times

I bought this sturdy table for 4.00 and thought wow, what a deal. I painted it the first time around with a deer image but I hated it so I sanded it down and tried again. I was very happy with my second attempt and glad that I stuck with it.


The owner of the shop that I am in liked it ok it I think because she put I on the post card mailer she sent out announcing her Open House. Yeah!

Here is a triangle table I found and thought was cool. I painted it with a Coke design I found on the internet. It is a likeness of an old hanging sign that hung on the front of a store.  I got it all done the first time and messed up the top coat. So I sanded it down and painted it again.  Just like the other table on this post I had to do a do-over to get it right.  Oh well I would rather have it right than wrong.

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