Monday, May 25, 2015

Grey the new black

Another painted potato bin. Nothing special just a simple paint job.

I went to the thrift store the other day and found this industrial round container. I loved the handles and the way the metal band snapped on.  I put legs on it to make it into table.  The fabric was rather pricey it is by Tim Holtz, from Jo Ann Fabrics 15.99 a yard! It was worth it though.

I didn't do too much to this rack. Just a bit of paint. Someone bought it so it all turned out well.
I painted this table and really loved how it came out. I don't like everything I paint but this table I really liked.  After I delivered it to my booth I got a call from the shop asking me to paint the top over because it didn't match the décor of a lady who was interested in it.  I said no not possible if she likes beach décor then go to Hobby Lobby they must have something from China she would like....not really. I may have thought that but I didn't verbalize it out loud  I did sell the table an hour later for full price to another person with good taste!

Colonial wall scoop
 Junk angels, they watch over the ones who repurpose junk and save things from the landfills.

 I found this box at a store and brought it home to paint.  I thought it looked like a book so I painted it to look like a Jane Austen book cover.

There are always lots of these cute picnic baskets to buy at flea markets.  I wanted to paint this one different than the usual ones I paint.  So I thought why not a bee?  A Queen Bee!  Everyone knows a pesky bee can be a royal pain! lol


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