Monday, May 25, 2015

I'm Back!

It's about time I got back to my blog and posted some stuff. I have very good reason that I have not posted anything for such a long time. My Mother had cancer surgery and my Dear Husband had heart surgery.  It has been a very busy chaotic time but God is good He brought us through this hard time and we praise Him for it.

I had to stop painting for about 2 months but financially it was necessary to get back to work and contribute to our situation I am going to post in this segment all the small miscellaneous things that I worked on with a small amount of explanation. I think it is more important to provide visual inspiration than ramble on about each piece.

This is a letter holder I found and painted. It is just a simple project that anyone could do really. A little white paint and a simple bird image I painted on free style. 

This sign was made from a top of an old picnic basket.  I found the basket top at a sale and thought it would make a lovely sign. As I post more things you will see that I have been taken up with sign making lately. I love the challenge of painting them and they make such a statement piece. 

Below is a handmade wooden box I picked up and painted.  I got the design off from "The Graphics Fairy" and traced it on the top and painted it up.  I made it shabby by sanding and staining it before I top coated it with Min Wax water base poly coat.

This is a sweet tray I found and painted the middle with chalk paint. I love chalkboards and make them often as you will see in future posts.  This one was a real heavy tray and I loved the handles on the side.  There is always a use for things I believe....I guess that is why my basement looks like an episode of Hoarders. Not really that bad, I can only work so fast and work my day job. Maybe someday I will be able to make a living doing what I love again, a girl can dream!

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