Monday, May 25, 2015

Oh For the Red White and Blue

I have always loved our flag.  As of late there have been things on Facebook where people are disrespecting our flag. Today is Memorial Day and we honor all those who gave their lives so our flag still can fly. Our flag symbolizes our freedom and I find it disturbing that some want to ban it from public places or destroy it. I for one will always honor it and what it stands for.

This nice sturdy chair is one from the 70's colonial movement. I bought it for 3.00 and painted it in a patriotic theme.

 This is an old rood slate I painted up.  They are nice hang on a porch. 


This handmade bench was a bit dated when I bought it. It needed a bit of repair but I just wanted to give it another chance to be loved.
I really love patriotic stuff....did I say that already?  Well I do!  This box is a new design that I made and really liked.

 My son made this chair and gave it to me. It sat outside during the winter and got a bit weathered.  I decided to give it a makeover and painted it up in red, white, and blue.  I got it done just in time for the fourth of July 2014.

I made this table from a cupboard door and a really old saw horse.  I painted "Liberty Inn 1776" on the bottom rail.
This bench was really worn out so I had to re-place to top.  I painted up the flag design and stenciled on the words PEACE HOPE BELIEVE TRUTH & IMAGINE.

This started with an old wood box I had sitting around.  I got some table legs out of my stash and painted it up.  A young girl bought it to store some of her things in.  I was proud that a youngster found the flag design appealing and she just had to have it.

Child size "Liberty" rocker.

Antique baby buggy- This baby buggy was in bad shape when I bought it.  I replaced the body of it with an old wooden box and then painted it. 

I found this old rusty painted lamp at a thrift store and brought it home.. I took the shade and used some Modge Podge to attach some patriotic fabric.



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